Patient Testimonials

Dr. Wichin has always been there for me to bring me back to health when I've injured my back. He continues to keep me from submitting to surgery which the orthopedic docs wanted. Also he fixed my golf hand after an injury on the course.

Karen S.

Everyone is very helpful and polite. Office is flexible when i need to change an appointment. The doctor listens to a particular pain. This time when my back went out, I was able to go without medication. I'm able to do things now I was unable to do a year ago ie. yard work, just getting out of bed every morning with no major pain. Not having to watch every move I make.

Susan G

I'm sold on the Activator method. It works for me where the older techniques no longer helps me. Also the secretary and Dr Wichin are friendly, helpful, and supportive. When my back goes "out", two to three sessions puts me back to normal. Dr WIchin has done that for me more than once. Dr Wichin sees me immediately and fixes me up quickly so that I can return to my "good life" without pain or discomfort.

Jerry H

Dr Wichin was able to correct my lower back problem, removing my sciatic pain. His treatment enabled me to return to work.

George G

My regular adjustments have left me with the knowledge that my health is in excellent hands. I have been very happy with the flexible attitude and care shown at times when i have needed a quick or urgent adjustment. Since beginning chiropractic care I have been able to live a normal life, largely free of the debilitating pain i had experienced for the two years prior to treatment.

Pam F

I have seen improvements through x-rays and feel like I am standing a bit taller so I'm overall satisfied with the practice results. Sherry and Dr Wichin both make me feel comfortable and are generally concerned about my well being. They are always very nice and have gotten to know me on a personal basis. I feel like my spine is straighter and this is all the difference in the world.

Hillary J

I have been a patient of Dr Wichin's for five years. Dr Wichin is very knowledgeable and well trained in his profession. What really made me happy was the help he gave my husband. My husband came to him with severe lower back pain. The pain was so intense that to get relief he had to kneel by the bed and lay over it. After two weeks of treament with Dr Wichin my husband went back to work and had not had any pain since. I personally have suffered with lower back pain to the point it was very difficult to sit or get out of a car. I do not have that problem any more and i work hard in the house.

Grace C.