Fat Loss Day 1-
Why Can't I Lose Weight?

If you are like me , you have tried everything for weight and fat loss. All kinds of diets (have you tried the Warrior Diet or the Paleolithic Diet- I have!), exercising like crazy, fasting, eating only tomatoes grown in South America (just kidding)...and still the fat sits there. Well by the time this course is over you will KNOW- why you cannot lose weight and more importantly what you can do to achieve stubborn fat loss. Just so you know, I have lost 69 pounds as of 9/17/2009 going from 254 to 185 and going from a size 46 to a size 37 waist, by the way i did this in my fifties so age is not an excuse. I am also a chiropractor, trained in nutrition and physiology, and I love to exercise. During this course I will share with you from both my personal experience as well as from my medical training.

Its Not As Simple As Calories In / Calories Out

We all know about calorie counting or point counting or zone blocks. But there is more to the equation. We all know that some people do fine by just counting calories or points. I did not and lots of people I know and have worked with also did not lose fat even though they significantly lowered there calorie count and usually raised their calorie expenditure by exercising like crazy. So what gives!!

All Calories Are Not Created Equal!!!

This bears repeating. All calories are not equal. What do I mean by that? Calories come from only three sources- fat, carbohydrate, and protein. The TYPE of calorie causes certain physiological reactions to occur. Those reactions can cause you to burn sugar, burn fat, burn muscle mass, store fat, or release fat. Personally I want to...

Release The Fat

so my body can burn it for energy. I don't mind burning sugar but that does not make my waist any smaller. I certainly don't want to burn muscle especially if I spend time in the gym lifting weights. SO the key to healthy weight loss is to

Burn Fat And NOT Sugar For Your Daily Energy

Why? Because if you burn sugar you will not lose fat. The problem is that physiologically your body will ALWAYS burn sugar before it burns fat. So our goal is to switch your body from sugar (carbohydrate) burning mode to fat burning mode. The good news is that this switch can be done and you will learn what is necessary to accomplish this. So we are back to the original question...

Why Can't I Lose Weight?

Answer: Because you have not been taught how to change your body from its natural sugar burning state to an unnatural fat burning state. That's right burning fat is an unnatural activity. Storage of fat is natural (I know it's unfair!!) and built in to our bodies as a survival mechanism against cold and food deprivation. So the point here is that to burn excess fat we have to eat in an unbalanced and unnatural way. We only do this for a short period of time why we are burning excess fat. After we have accomplished our fat loss goal we MUST eat in a more balanced way. That is why any good eating plan will have stages such as fat loss stage, reintroduction of balanced eating and then a maintenance phase. Also any good long term eating plan has to allow for splurging and enjoying food and work that into the long term plan. No one can deprive themselves of the food they love forever.

Tomorrow we will cover : The key hormone that is the cause of your weight gain. On other days we will cover the whys and hows of fat gain and fat loss, FAQ's and finally what I consider to be the best FAT LOSS program around. Until tomorrow...